Tape 07B

Tonight – Phil Collins (Live);
Pleasure Seekers – The System;
You Look Marvelous – Billy Crystal;
Girl, If You Take Me Home – Full Force;
Como Tu Te Llamas – Sly Fox;
Too White – Nolan Thomas;
It’s Not Too Late – Sequal;
Point Of No Return – Exposed;
Conga – Miami Sound Machine;
Be Near Me – ABC;

Tape 07A

The Harder They Come – Rocker’s Revenge;
The Name Of The Game – Dan Hartman;
It’s The Way You Do It – Laid Back;
Fall Down – Tramine;
Oak Tree – Morris Day;
Baby Talk To Me – Alisha;
Into The Groove – Madonna;
Dancin For My Love – Jenny Burton;
Stop Playing On Me – Vickie Love;
Down And Out – Celi Bee
Pull Up To The Bumper- Grace Jones;

Tape 06B

1985 Ulitmix – Various;
Love Of A Lifetime – Chaka Khan;
Miss You- ;
I’ll Keep On Loving You – Princess;
Sweet Freedom – Michael McDonald;
Restless – Starpoint;
Funky Little Beat – Connie;
Computer Power – Jaime Jupitor;
Diamond Girl – Nice And Wild;

Tape 06A

Ain’t Nothing Goin On – Gwen Guthrie;
What You Gonna Do About It – Total Contrast;
Can’t Wait Another Minute – Five Star;
I’m A Dreamer – B Q & Q Band;
Point Of No Return – Nu Shooz;
Getting Closer – Haywoode;
Say It Say It – E.G. Daily;
Baby Love – Regina;
Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna;
Do You Remember – Jermaine Jackson;
Power Drill – Goon Squad;
Stop The Noise – Shannon;
My Heart Goes Bang Bang- Dead Or Alive;

Tape 05B

Falling In Love – Miami Sound Machine;
Set Me Free – Jackie Graham;
Once In In Lifetime Groove – New Edition;
Facts Of Love – Jeff Lober;
Prove Me Right – Shannon;
Can’t Wait Another Minute – Five Star;
Jody – Jermaine Stewart;
Ain’t Gonna Pay One Red Cent – Wally Back;
Gotta See You Tonight – Barbara Roy;
Talk To Me – Chico DeBarge;
Word Up – Cameo;
Dancing In My Sleep – Secret Ties;
Love Can’t Turn Around – Philly Cream;

Tape 05A

Control – Janet Jackson;
Hooked On You – Sweet Sensation;
Summertime, Summertime – Nocera;
I Won’t Stop Loving You – C-Bank;
It’s Not Too Late – Sequal;
Don’t Break My Heart – SaFire;
Exposed To Love – Expose;
Diamond Girl – Nice And Wild;
Running – Information Society;
I Know You Love Me – Trinere;

Tape 04B

Red Hot – Trilogy;
Don’t Break My Heart – SaFire;
Come Go With Me – Expose;
Only In The Night – The Voice In Fashion;
She Don’t Want You – Sequal;
Let Your Body Go – Leather & Lace;
You Can Do It – Nova;
Last Chance – Cyre;
Move Out – Nancy Martinez;
Feels Like The First Time – Sinitta;
Fascinated – Company B;
Gunsmoke Breakout – Willesden Dodgers;

Tape 04A

Winners – ;
Celebrate -;
This Time – ;
Thank Ya – Sweet D;
Time – ;
Barah – Cleavage;
No Way Back – Adonis;
You Don’t Know – Serious intentions;
Music Is The Key – J.M. Silk;
Turn Me Loose – Wally Jump Jr;
Move Your Body – Marshall Jefferson;
Can’t Turn Around – J.M. Silk;

Tape 03B

Borderline – Madonna;
All Night Passion – Alisha;
Street Dance – Break Machine;
My Heart’s Divided – Shannon;
Pop Goes My Love – Freeez;
Breakin – Ollie;
IOU – Freez;
19 – Paul Hardcastle;
Eight Arms To Hold – Goon Squad;
Do You Want It Right Now – Siedah Garret;
No Favor – Temper;
The Soul – Hashim;

Tape 03A

Please Don’t Go – Nayobe;
One Hot Night- Pure Energy;
Love Emergency – Mikki;
If This Ain’t Love – Jay Novelle;
I Want It To Be Real – John Rocca;
Give Me Tonight – Shannon;
Crash Goes Love – Loleata Hollowa;y
Reach Up – Ultimate Touch;
On The Upside – Xena;